Rehab Placement
Addicts are real people who need help in their lives. They have family, friends and many times even their kids are involved in the midst of their addictions. These individuals need hope and love! They need to understand that somebody cares for them in the midst of their addictions.
Addiction affects the whole family. It stresses the family to the breaking point and impacts the stability of the home. The family unit is affected mentally, physically, financially and the overall family dynamics.
Many times in their addiction the individual does not want to go to rehab but they do understand they need help. It is a scary thing to be away form those you love and to walk into a place that you have never been before. This can even be depressing. They have reached the end of the rope. 
Victory Lighthouse has built a relationship with several rehabs to help these individuals. We are actively involved and understand that each rehab is different and that each person is different. We ask God to close and open doors with each individual so they can go where they will receive the most help. Only God knows the best place for each individual.
If you would like to take part in this ministry, please pray for these individuals and for leadership in helping these individuals to overcome their addictions. You may also help financially with transportation costs and sometimes blood work that must be completed.