Sunday School

Nursery (Ages 0-3 Years)
An opportunity to leave your little ones in a friendly environment with other children their age. The nursery teaches the children bible songs and a short lesson.  


Ages 4-6 Years
This class prepares children for a deeper study into the Bible. A story with a moral is first introduced to catch the attention of the children and to help them learn to read. A Bible story is then taught to the children. Children in this class memorize scripture and participate in a craft.
Ages 7-9 Years
This Sunday School class is focused on ages 7-9. We utilize the Joyful Life Curriculum which allows the children an easy reading format for their bible lessons and activities. This helps them apply what they have learned. We are currently working on teaching them the books of the bible. 
Adults Class
Come sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee as we study the Old Testament!